GSoC22: Summary Post

Hello everyone. This is probably the final blog post I write before Google Summer of Code 2022 ends (hopefully not the final uefi one). In this post, I will summarize my GSoC22 work to make it more accessible to everyone. ...more

3 min September 05, 2022 #rust #tianocore #gsoc22 #uefi

Writing UEFI Protocol in Rust

Hello everyone. As a part of Porting Rust std for UEFI, I had to write a hacky implementation of pipes (using UEFI Variables) for piping output from launched programs. However, this implementation had some problems and failed to run tests using the feature panic_abort_tests. Since I had some time this week, I decided to write a Protocol to fix the pipes. Along the way, I also found many ways to shoot myself on foot. So I decided to write this post documenting all the gotchas I discovered while writing a new protocol in Rust. This post will only contain 1 of the two protocols I decided to create, internally named UEFI_COMMAND_PROTOCOL. ...more

5 min August 27, 2022 #rust #tianocore #gsoc22 #uefi